Making Miss Maine

When Brooke Harris walked into Nuance Dental the first time she was exhausted and worn out.  Brooke was working two jobs, one of which involved back-to-back overnight shifts at Biddeford Medical Center as a post-surgical/oncology nurse.  She’d been burning the candle at both ends for nearly a month.  During our patient interview Brooke mentioned she had a big get together coming up and that she really wanted veneers to fix a few of her crooked and misshaped teeth that had always bothered her.  As we wrapped up our consultation, I asked her just as she was leaving “By the way, Brooke, what event are you preparing for?” She replied “The Miss USA Pageant in Vegas next month.”  Oh…

Check out the IMAGE GALLERY below, then scroll down to read the Q&A session in OLD PORT MAGAZINE, and finally watch the VIDEO of a behind the scenes look at the revolutionary new ceramic we used by GC America to get Brooke ready for the big stage.  With over 2.5 million viewers watching her on national television, we had to get her look PERFECT.

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